70′s theme nights and themed evenings

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Abba Tribute band on a Themed evenings 70's theme night70′s theme night guests will arrive and be greeted by the groovy door staff of studio 54, dressed to impress and looking goooood. The door staff aren’t just there for a good time though because there’s a strict dress code on this club…if it aint 70’s you ain’t coming in. After walking the flame lined red carpet and entering the room guests will instantly be transported back to the 70’s with music from the disco decade playing over the PA system.

To add to the atmosphere a Giant glitter DISCO sign will stand proud at one end of the room with 2 Giant light panels in 2 corners of the room with such faces as John Travolta, The Bee Gee’s or Farrah Fawcett. On one side of the room will be a Saturday Night Fever peep board for the guests to have photos with and become Tony Manero and Stephanie for the evening. Once the guests have had time to soak in the sights and sounds of the 70’s it’s time to take your seats at the table. So why not have a 70′s party theme for your next themed evening.

An example 70′s theme night package

We at Themed Evenings know that these 70′s themed events can be expensive, so Themed Evenings have come up with an excellent example package that includes some great theming and fantastic entertainment, so why not sit back enjoy the 70′s night and relax while enjoying all of the below:-

  • A Giant Disco sign from a 70's theme night from Themed EveningsGiant DISCO sign
  • Peep Board
  • 2 Silhouette Panels
  • Studio 54 Sign
  • 2 Silk Flames
  • DJ
  • 70′s Door Men

We can of course tailor every 70′s theme night to fit your needs. We can tailor everything on your 70′s theme party which is included to suit your budget and the chosen venue. If you don’t have a venue in mind we offer a free venue finding service for your themed evening. We have been organising and putting on events and theme parties for nearly 20 years and have built up a vast database of suitable venues for every event type and size.

70′s Theme night extras

A tabletop Disco Ball from  70's theme night organised by Themed EveningsWant something more? Here are some added extras that can be included for an extra cost. We have a great range of props and extras which we can include in your 70′s theme party night. We make and own 95% of the props we use so we can offer unbeatable value for money and some unique things you will not find anywhere else.

  • Giant 70′s sign
  • Dicso Ball
  • 70′s Disco Backdrop
  • 70′s Costumes
  • Cut Outs
  • Smoke Machine
  • Giant Vinyl Record
  • Casino TablesFun Casino
  • 70′s Related Tribute band

As you can see every 70′s theme party and theme night can be completely different and can be tailored to your requirements and the venue where the 70′s themed night will be taking place. We own and make 95% of all our own props so we can offer you fantastic value for money on your 70′s themed evening.

Call us now on 0114 270 0453 to discuss your 70′s Theme night or any of our other theme nights. Alternatively you can visit our Contact us page.

All of our Themed evenings packages include:

  • Delivery & Installation of Theming
  • Staff to set up and run event
  • Bottle of Champagne for biggest winner of the Casino if you have casino tables
  • Full Health & Safety Documentation
  • £5 million Public Liability Insurance

70′s themed prop hire

We understand that sometimes you might just want to take advantage of our themed prop hire service for your 70’s themed party rather than taking on a full themed package.  We offer out our full range of themed props for hire and we can travel throughout the UK with them. We also allow for them to be picked up from our base in Sheffield. If there is a 70’s themed prop you would like which we don’t have in stock already we have a dedicated prop making department who make the majority of the props we use.

70′s theme night gallery

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If you would like to book a 70′s Theme Night or any themed evening please give us a call on 0114 270 0453 or fill in our contact us form.